Monday, January 22, 2007

First Line Contest

Author Karen Tabke runs a very interesting, and fun, First Line contest on her blog Contest entrants start by posting the first line of their book, and when those are whittled down, authors still in the running can add the second line.

When I heard about this contest I was definitely intrigued, because while the first line can be fun and important, I’m sure we all know that it takes more than one good first line to make a book. That being said, however, I’m hooked. There are some amazing first lines in this contest and I’m really interested to see where the judges take it from there and what the second lines look like. I’m also watching closely to see which second lines might keep me intrigued enough to make a request or two because there are at least two first lines on there that I’m dying to read more of.

And, if that doesn’t make you check Karen’s contest out, then you should also know that there are some first lines that are so strong that I know I’ve actually seen them cross my desk before.

For those of you tempted to enter, I'm sorry to report that the contest closed for new entries on January 16, but it's definitely worth checking out.

Maybe one day BookEnds will run a contest. We’ll have to decide what would be as fun and exciting as this.



Sandra Barkevich said...

Having made it to round 7 last year and getting in before the cut-off this year, I can tell you this is a very addictive and exciting event. The talent is just phenomenal.

Sandy :-)
*new to Sandra's Goings On - January's guest blogger is Jackie Kessler - Hell's Belles

Jill James said...

Last year I made it to the fifth round and this year it filled so quickly I barely squeaked by to make the cut-off point. This is a happening contest.

kris said...

How about a contest that asks people to describe their book in 50 words or less, as you do in your "BookEnds Talks To ..." features?

Anonymous said...

Darn. Wish I'd heard about that contest in time to beat the deadline.

BookEnds, A Literary Agency said...

queen-a-thena we were thinking exactly that. A pitch line contest. We'll have to discuss it further.



Trish said...

As the second place winner in Karin's first line contest last summer, I can honestly say this contest is the best I've ever entered.

Beware though, its addictive. lol

Carol Burge said...

Hi Jessica,

Just FYI, the contest is going on as we speak (or write :) ).

This is my first try with this contest and I'm having a blast!

Right now we're on round five, and so far, my entry hasn't been culled.

Wish me luck!

Anonymous said...

I made it to Round 8 - so happy to be there! It's been a really fun experience. Wish me luck!