Monday, March 26, 2007

Blog Updates

Some of you may have noticed minor changes to the blog's appearance. Following the comments of one of our readers, we've made the switch to the new version of Google Blogger, which we hope will make reading the blog and accessing older blog posts easier than ever. All of our posts are now archived under "Blog Archive," and clicking on the little triangle to the left of any month or year will expand or collapse a list of all the posts from that period. Additional changes are ahead, and while we hope the transition is smooth, bear with us as we learn our way around the new version. As always, any suggestions for improvements or new elements you'd like to see are welcome. We are always looking to improve both the blog and our Web site and believe that comments from those who benefit from them most are what can make a difference.


Kimber Li said...

Excellent! There are some sites I can't visit at all because they're so visually irritating. The tan and dark brown lettering of this blog are just fine on my senses. The re-organization of everything else will be most welcome though.

Kimber Li said...

P.S. Please, whatever you do, don't add anything that flashes! It's difficult to explain to someone who doesn't have this problem, but it's literally painful for me to look at.

Linda C. McCabe said...

Thank you. I was beginning to wonder if my previous comment about the functionality of the blog was real or imagined, and this posting lets me know that it was as I suspected due to the different versions of Blogger software.

:whew: Wipes brow.

I must say that it is easier to navigate now that you made the changeover.