Friday, June 08, 2007

Summer Fridays!

It's the first official summer Friday of the season (for most anyway) and what a glorious day it is. Summer Fridays are (from what I understand) primarily a publishing phenomena. Most publishers, and therefore many agencies, close their offices Friday afternoons in the summer. I suspect it's so the upper-ups can head out to their beach houses before the roads get too clogged, but it's a great bonus for everyone. For me it means the option of working Friday afternoons, but better than that, it means Friday afternoons are free from editor emails and phone calls and quiet enough that I can slip out to a coffee shop or park bench armed with manuscripts to read. My goal this summer is to catch up on my submissions. Of course, every summer my goal is to catch up on my submission reading.

Already today is eerily quiet, the humidity might have something to do with that of course. It's going to be brutal here today. But I'm just about done with my office tasks and am getting ready to head outside to get some reading in.

Before I go though I want to officially welcome Jamie and Lisa our two interns for the summer. Already they've been a big help and I'm hoping that by the end of the season they have a new understanding of publishing (and still like the business) and learn something. I'm also hoping they can help me get through those stacks of submissions.

Happy Summer Friday everyone! Wish me luck in finding a gem or two in that paper stack.



kris said...
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kris said...

Jamie and Lisa, welcome! You've picked a fantastic group of ladies to show you the ropes of the agent life. Here's hoping you have a faulous summer that teaches you all you wish to learn, and more.

And Jessica, have a happy & productive reading session.

Terry McLaughlin said...

Happy reading and good luck, Jessica :-)!

Welcome, Jamie and Lisa :-). I'm sure you'll enjoy your time at BookEnds.

Kate Douglas said...

Hope you found some gems in the reading. I've had a wonderful weekend of writing, the kind where I realize there's nothing else in this life I'd rather be doing...and for this, Jessica, I owe you a great deal of thanks.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in Mendham, NJ, and I remember that brutal humidity. In fact, I traded it for Florida humidity! Now, I live just outside of Orlando, and honestly, New Jersey gets just as hot and humid. It just doesn't last as long.

By the way, Jessica, I just found your blog, and I'm really enjoying reading it. Stay cool!