Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Susie Isaacs on Passion and Persistence

Susie Isaacs
Queens Can Beat Kings: Broad-Minded Poker for Winning Women
Publisher: Kensington
Pub date: June 2007
Agent: Jessica Faust

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Susie Isaacs is a world-class poker player and the author of 1000 Best Poker Strategies and Secrets (Sourcebooks), MsPoker: I’m Not Bluffing, Books One and Two (Mimi Mc Corporation), Queens Can Beat Kings, and, coming soon, White Night, Black Nights – Poker is Skill, Life is the Gamble.

Author blog: susieisaacs.blogspot.com/

I have written for as long as I can remember. It began when I was so impressed to understand what my daddy wrote every night after dinner in a little brown notepad. It was a daily short journal that allowed him to tell any of us what we as a family had been doing on any given date in any given year. I thought that was neat. I began journaling at age 16. Some years later I thought I had some terrific short stories, so I began submitting to all sorts of publications, and not long after that I began my collection of rejection slips. I honestly thought about wallpapering a bathroom with them.

When I was 42, my kids were grown and in college. My husband and I retired to Las Vegas, where I began a serious study of the game of poker. It was only after I won my first poker tournament that I wrote a story about the experience, titled “A Lady's Not Supposed to Sweat,” and received my first letter of acceptance. I had been writing and submitting for 25 years, and only after I wrote about something that I was passionate about did I get noticed. Thereafter, I became the only female with a regular column in a poker publication.

After ten years of columns, I thought I had enough to say that I could write a book. I did, and guess what, nobody cared! It was only after what I call the “poker renaissance” in 2002 that my writing talent was noticed. Jessica Faust from BookEnds called me to see if I would be interested in writing a book about women in poker. "Are you kidding!" I wanted to shout, "I would be interested in writing a book about anything poker." Since that fateful call, I now have two contracts with Jessica and BookEnds.

The moral of this story is never give up. You never know what lies ahead. In 1972 I wrote what I thought was a wonderful short story about confusing the sexes. It was rejected all over the place. Guess what? This story will be in my upcoming book Queens Can Beat Kings as a lead-in to a chapter titled “Battle of the Sexes!”

If she's not busy winning the World Series of Poker Main Event, Susie will drop in during the day to answer questions.


Spy Scribbler said...

***BIG squeal!!!!!***

I can't tell you how excited I am to read your book! Congratulations on your fun at the "Big Dance!"

I have learned so much about reading people and relating to people from poker. I've learned a lot about myself, the way I live life, and how I want to change.

Poker is much different from what my perception of it had been, before my hubby pushed me into a tournament. What a thrill ride!

Congratulations and good luck!

Spy Scribbler said...

(Oh! And poker's a great place for novelists to study people, human nature, and their fears and motivations!)