Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Submission Guidelines

I printed out most of your guidelines for a submission. I printed out one page. Now i need a bit more. where do i find them please.

I’m not sure what more you would need. Our submission guidelines are fairly simple and easy to find. They should also be self-explanatory. However, all that being said, if you are still having trouble, here is what we ask for. A query letter. That’s it. That’s the only submission guideline you need to know to get started.

However, in case you still aren’t clear.

Our submission guidelines are listed on our web site.

For information on query letters and proposals (only if requested) you can go to the FAQ section of our web site. You can also spend time reading through the blog. Since you queried the blog I assume you know how to find the blog. Check out the Must-Read Posts at the side of this page. You’ll find a ton of helpful query examples there.

And that’s the last of the research I’m doing for you. I think we’ve worked hard to guide readers through the submission process. Do some research and you’ll find what you need.



Shain Brown said...

I am a newbie writer and I am surprised by the ease of information, once you decide to look for it. Some sites are easier than others to find the needed requirements, but I have yet not to find what I need to submit correctly.

Thanks for all your informative blogs.

Donna Lea Simpson said...

I'm bewildered by 'writers' who think someone else ought to do their homework for them! Back in the day (dating myself) before easy internet access, I spent hours in the library poring over the Writer's Market etc, reading articles on submitting, sifting through the thousands of publishers and agents.

The side benefit is you learn a lot while you are looking for other info!

Nancy Naigle said...

Clear to me :) Thanks Jessica.

I do have one question ... in this past weeks RWA-WF newsletter they shared info from Kim Lionetti, stating she was looking for YA and WF. It still says she's closed to submissions on the website though.

Which is correct?

Bethany C Morrow said...

That was. Weird.

New Intern on the Block said...

Need a bit more pages to print? Weird question.

Anonymous said...

Nowadays everybody wants to be the next millionaire writer, but they don't even care to do a minimum research. Information is really at ease everywhere.