Friday, January 21, 2011

Email Headaches

As some of you know I've been having some email headaches lately. For years I was using Entourage, Microsoft's Mac version of Outlook. It was fine, worked well, but for months has been giving me a lot of trouble, including the week's worth of email I lost back around Thanksgiving. So for the new year I dumped Entourage. I'm now using Mac Mail and while I like Mail, as all of you know, with a new program there's a bit of a learning curve.

I set up my "rules" on mail to reply to queries when they're received, to let you know they've been received. Unfortunately, my mail program has also taken it upon itself to reply to those I haven't yet answered with a blank email. Sigh. I'm working on sorting this problem out but in the meantime, if you get a blank email from me please disregard. I guess it is my mail program's way of telling you that "you're still under consideration please wait patiently."

In other query news I have replied (yes I was the one who did this) to all queries through January 11. If you submitted prior to January 11 and have not received an answer (with actual text) please resubmit.

I have responded to all requested submissions through November 2010. Again, if you have not received an answer for requested material sent prior to that time please resubmit.

Already it's been a helluva year and I can't believe it's still only January. If these few weeks are any indication I better buckle up because 2011 is going to be quite the ride--and that's a good thing.



Caroline M said...

Thank you for the update. I have resubmitted a partial of my cozy mystery that was requested in October. Thank you for your consideration - Caroline

Tom M Franklin said...

Entourage has always been the ugly redheaded step-child of Outlook. It lacked basic functionality, lacked reliable rules, lacked so much that I kept pointing people to Thunderbird, telling them to avoid Entourage at all costs.

With Mac Office 2011, Mi¢ro$oft has finally come out with a true Outlook for Mac. I am not a big MiƧro$oft fan, but Outlook was one of the few things they got right way back when. Now, they've finally gotten it right for the Macside, too.

Seriously, even my most ardent, anti-Mi¢ro$oft users have admitted they prefer Outlook over Mac Mail and Thunderbird.

-- Tom

Joseph L. Selby said...

And here I thought that blank email was like the blank card some card games come with that let you write your own card. I was all, why thank you for your request for a full. I will send that along promptly. :)

Robena Grant said...

Oh, goody...another reason to procrastinate about submitting something to you. ; )

Seriously, I'm sorry you're having problems. Hope everything gets fixed this time. My computer had the nasty's in December. All kinds of problems. I finally gave up and bought everything new.

Cynthia DiFilippo Elomaa said...

I'm wondering if that is why I received an automated responise from you twice, once on Monday the 17th and another yesterday around 2pm. I only sent the query once.

Jeffe Kennedy said...

I admit I laughed when I saw your apology about this on Twitter. I nearly replied - about 12 different snarky observations flew through my head - but I couldn't think of a way to put it that didn't sound unduly mean. Still, there's a joke here somewhere about the agent who OVER replies...

Carol J. Garvin said...

I've been a Mac user since the mid-1980s... have tried Outlook and Thunderbird, observed Entourage (over my daughter's shoulder), and always returned to Mac Mail. Now that MS has a Mac version of Outlook I'm almost tempted to try it, but I'm so comfortable with Mail I'll probably stay put.

I'm sorry you've had these bad experiences. It may be you simply needed to reinstall Entourage, or upgrade the version. But whatever you decide, I hope you're soon at ease with your software again. In a business that relies so much on it, you won't be appreciating the headaches.