Friday, March 11, 2011

Author Speed Date

The idea of speed dating is that you get 10 minutes to sit down with a prospective date and get to know them. In that spirit, we present Author Speed Date. A quick 10 minutes for you to get to know some of our clients. Today we'd like you to meet Paige Shelton.

BookEnds Author Speed Date
Name (the one you’re published under): Paige Shelton

Speed date Bio (one or two lines): A Midwesterner transplanted to the Rocky Mountain west after college and too many years of humidity-infused frizzy hair. Always wanted to be a writer, but have had a few advertising-like jobs in order to pay the bills.

Web Link:

Next Book, pub date: Fruit of All Evil, just released!

Agent: Jessica Faust

About Me
Real Name or Pseudonym: Well, my legal name is Paige Shelton-Ferrell, so my writing name is pretty close.

Currently Reading: The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown

Next on Your Reading List: Matched by Ally Condie

Facebook or Twitter (include account name): Facebook, Paige Shelton

Three authors living or dead you would want to have dinner with: Phyllis A. Whitney, V. C. Andrews (yeah, really), Laura Ingalls Wilder

Jet-setter or armchair traveler: Armchair

Glass ½ full or ½ empty: 3/4 empty for sure. I'm working on this.

Tea or Coffee: Diet Pepsi

Live to write or Write to live: Live to write, but it'd be fun to actually make a living from it someday.

About My Writing
When (time of day) I write: I write morning and evening.

Writing soundtrack: Playlists on iPod. Sometimes I'm adventurous and leave it on Shuffle. My playlists have all kinds of music, but always lots of Springsteen.

Character Inspirations: I have no idea where these people come from, but when they arrive they're pretty vivid.

Plot Inspirations: Well, there's got to be a body, but other than that it happens as I write.

Setting Inspirations: Farmers' Market books: Even though the characters haven't been to Myrtle Beach yet, it was my visit there that inspired me to set the stories in South Carolina. Two places inspired Broken Rope, Missouri, the setting for the upcoming Gram's Cooking School: Tombstone, Arizona, and Rolla, Missouri (where my parents grew up).

Plotter (carefully plot books) or Pantser (write from the seat of my pants): Total pantser. Pre-planning puts me in a panic.


Booklady said...

I love these author speed dates! It's a great way to learn about some wonderful authors. I just added Paige's series to my to read stack.

joanne lee said...

What a great idea!

Amber said...

My parents live near Rolla! That's so cool. I'll definitely have to look for Paige's books.

Critinka said...
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Anonymous said...

I think the author speed dates are a great idea! I'd like them better if I knew what genre they write in. Or I guess I mean, I'd be more likely to check out their books if I knew right off the bat what they write.

Unless of course it does say and I'm reading too quickly. In which case, ignore me.

PatriciaW said...

Love these Author Speed Dates. Great to get a quick look at some unfamiliar authors.

Kimbra Kasch said...

Love the speed dating idea for all sorts of things. Like even drinking coffee, sit, sip, . . . are you, move on.

It's a hectic world we live in - media needs to catch up :)

You're on to something here.

Msb said...

I love hearing from authors who write from the seat of their pants. They're my tribe.