Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Approaching Agents with a Publishing Offer

The agency representing me abruptly closed its doors, two months before my debut novel releases (yeah, bad timing huh).

Then a few days ago I got a three book contract offer, and I have no agent. I was wondering how to word a "query" to a handful of agents I want to approach to represent my novels, along with the 3-book deal.

Might I just send a simple email explaining? Or do I send a query of the book that landed the 3-book offer?

I would put something like, "publishing contract offered, need representation" in your subject heading to grab the agents' attention and then I would start a simple email explaining, and finish the email with your query so that agents have all the information they need to know if this is a project that might be right for them.

Good luck and congratulations!



Elizabeth Janette said...

Congratulations on your wonderful success! Good luck with the agent search.

Stephanie McGee said...

Good luck with all of it! I can only imagine the panic you went through when all this went down.

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