Friday, October 17, 2014

Meet Buford

The last in a five-part series introducing the BookEnds team.

BookEnds Hound

Tagline: I'm a big-headed beast with an even bigger heart.

How long have you been at BookEnds? since June 2014

Do you have a favorite book? I don't read, but when I first came into the office I immediately grabbed Sally MacKenzie's Loving Lord Ash and carried it away with me. I think it was the adorable little dog on the cover that got me.

If you're going all out, calories don't count, what's your Starbucks treat of choice? I've never been inside an actual Starbucks (although I have lounged around on the patio), but I would probably say anything with peanut butter, cheese or bacon.

Name five things on your desk bed right now: a bone, remnants from a bone, a stuffed animal, remnants from a stuffed animal and peanut butter smears

Where did you live before coming to BookEnds? for a while I lived in Newark, NJ in the shelter there until some nice people from St. Hubert's came to get me and find me a Forever Home. I was there for just a few weeks before the Fausts came and snapped me. I have to say. It's not bad here.


Janet Reid said...

you are quite the handsome beast Buford.

AJ Blythe said...

Buford, you are one lucky pooch being able to go to work with your 2-legged friend!

Kim Wedlock said...

Everyone needs a dog in the office! Look at that handsome devil! Though I have to wonder if any work gets done with him around...

BookEnds, A Literary Agency said...

I think you should all know that while I was getting ready for work today Buford took it upon himself to, literarily, devour a book. I guess he likes his job.

AJ Blythe said...

Now that's dedication to your job. But is eating a book a positive or negative sign?