Thursday, August 24, 2006

Getting the Call

We always talk about how exciting it is for an author to finally get that call, either from an agent or from the publisher (especially the publisher), but rarely do we talk about how exciting it can be for the agent or editor and the feelings we sometimes go through when making that call.

Last week I made a sale for two erotic romances and both the author and I are thrilled. She’s thrilled because, although she’s been published before, she really feels like she’s found the right home for her work. I’m thrilled because there is nothing more exciting than making that sale. I love negotiating and, even more than that, I love calling the author with the news and keeping her in the loop as things play out (we actually had two houses offer).

But what was most exciting for me, and I think for the author, is that when I finally accepted the offer on day three of negotiations, the editor actually squealed. She was as thrilled that we had accepted her offer, and agreed that she would be the editor and publisher for the project, as we were that she had offered initially.

So when you are waiting anxiously by the phone and finally do get that call, remember that the agent and/or editor making the call is usually just as excited to have found something they love as you are to have sold (or found representation for) your baby.

Keep an eye on Publisher’s Marketplace for the conclusion to this fun tale.



Caroline said...

I got a shiver when I read this blog.

You are like Mother Christmas and the ultimate fairy godmother all rolled together. You make dreams come true.

They can come true ... can't they?
Caroline x

Anonymous said...

So when I do get the call it's okay if I'm so excited that I'm stumbling in speach, because if it wasn't for the agent's practice they would be stumbling too? :)