Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Reader Question: International Authors

I'd like to know what the the agents at BookEnds (and agents in general, if you know) do when an author from outside the USA seeks representation with your agency. Does this affect how you look at a project? What if the author has a contract with an international publishing house but with a branch outside of the USA (but has the chance to be published in the USA)?
Thanks to all at BookEnds for creating such a wonderfully entertaining and informative blog.

Let me answer this with a quick fact: BookEnds has at least two Australian authors on our list. We are looking for good books. Period.



vvquklu said...

If we are outside the US, and so sending an email query to save postage costs, should it go to the indiviual agent email or to the "editor@..." email listed in "Submissions"? It's a little confusing.

BookEnds, LLC said...

All email submissions can be sent either directly to the agent or to the If you want to submit to a specific agent you can simply type her name into the subject books or address your letter to her

Kate Douglas said...

Totally...well, maybe not completly, off subject, but am I the only one (maybe because of my age?) who still gets a thrill out of the fact we really ARE a world-wide community? I used to have a penpal in Switzerland. It took me three weeks or more to get an answer to my letters. Now we do business with and have email friends who are a world away. Boggles the mind. Of course, I'm in California and my agent is in NJ, so I can call her at six a.m., my time, and not get yelled at! That's a GOOD thing.