Wednesday, March 07, 2007


When it comes to writing queries and formatting manuscripts, authors can make themselves crazy obsessing over font size and type, how to figure word count (which I previously covered), and how many pages a synopsis should be.

Stop! Please stop.

Stop obsessing and start thinking. When you get an email or a letter, or if you are getting hundreds of them, what is a comfortable font for you to read and what is a comfortable size? Usually about 12 pt in a standard Times or Courier. The same fonts everyone else uses.

That’s all you need to consider. Also consider the pain and suffering (small violins playing, please) that I have to endure when I receive emails like this:

Hello Miss Faust. Thank you so much for considering my book. Lost Days is a historical, although some people might consider it more hysterical, romance about the lost days of a New York City high society girl during the turn of the century. While traveling with her companion, young Lucy Cavendash falls from the carriage and bumps her head. My story reveals the truth about what happened during those lost days.
Remember, keep in simple.