Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Getting No Response

In a blog comment recently it was suggested that maybe I’m not as nice as my fellow Minnesotans because I haven’t responded to a query letter.

So, Jessica, because you are so nice, should I assume that the two times I've queried you and received no response whatsoever (not even a rejection) it was because the query was caught in your spam filter, and not because you deplored my writing? Or maybe you did hate my writing, but were too nice to say so? I know a lot of agents ignore queries they aren't interested in, but I think that's rude. After all, I did a lot of research before choosing you, and worked very hard on my query letter. Being so nice and all, you would at least send an acknowledgment that it was received, or a "not for me," wouldn't you? Because I sure didn't get one.

If you have queried any BookEnds agent and not received a reply, here are the reasons:

  • The material has not been read yet.
  • It got stuck in our spam filter, and since you did not put “query” in the subject, we let it get deleted.
  • Our response was stuck in your spam filter.
  • Our response was returned for nondelivery.
  • You did not include an SASE.
  • You did not include an SASE with proper postage.
  • You sent a snail mail package that never arrived, for whatever reason.
  • We replied and the package/letter never arrived for whatever reason.
BookEnds agents always reply to queries and proposals. If for some reason you have not heard from us (roughly 2-4 weeks for email queries and 10-12 weeks for requested material), you can always check in to learn the status.