Monday, August 25, 2008

Querying an Agency and Not Just an Agent

I’ve said many times that when querying one agent at BookEnds you are really querying the entire agency. That being said, it continues to amaze me how many of you will query all three of us at once or query us one at a time as the rejections come in. In the grand scheme of things, while it’s probably simpler for you (and for me) to just query one of us period, I don’t blame you for giving it that old college try (as they say).

I’m often asked how we handle forwarding queries to each other. Do we tell the writer, do we reject the book, what happens?

I think everyone handles this differently, but here’s what I do. I reject the book if I had intended to reject the book, and then forward the query to Kim and Jacky. If either of them are interested they can email the author, letting her know that I had passed on the query, and request more material. If not, it’s no extra work for them, they can simply delete the email. That doesn’t mean that everyone who gets rejected by me should then ask if I forwarded it and then query Kim and Jacky. Again, if your goal is to make sure every single agent out there sees your query, and not just every single agency, go ahead and do that. However, it’s probably not necessary. Our goal is to be successful agents and a successful agency. If we think an idea has merit and is right for another within the agency, it would be stupid on our part not to share the wealth.