Thursday, May 24, 2007

BookEnds Talks to Marie H. Browne, Ph.D., R.N. & Marlene M. Browne, Esq.

Marie H. Browne, Ph.D., R.N. & Marlene M. Browne, Esq.
You Can't Have Him, He's Mine: A Woman's Guide to Affair-Proofing Her Relationship
Publisher: Adams
Pub date: May 2007
Agent: Jacky Sach

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Marie H. Browne, R.N., Ph.D., a licensed marriage and family therapist and professor of psychiatric nursing for thirty-four years, maintains a thriving private practice providing therapy for individuals, couples, and families.

Marlene M. Browne, Esq., a lawyer licensed in New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Colorado, is the author of several books. In addition to writing with and without her mother, Marie, Ms. Browne lectures on the law and other topics, appearing regularly as an expert guest on local and national media outlets.

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BookEnds: Describe your book in 50 words or less.
Marlene: Using our professional experience and the latest research on attraction and love, it gives the reader information and practical tips, allowing her to protect her marriage (or relationship), making it resistant to the siren call of the would-be mate poacher.

BookEnds: What do you think distinguishes your work from other similar books?
Marie: You learn how a potential romantic rival views you, your man, and your relationship.

BookEnds: Besides the obvious audience for your book (those the publisher targets), who else do you think can benefit from what you’ve written?
Marlene: Every human who has a mate she’d like to keep for herself.

BookEnds: Why did you write this book?
Marie: To arm the wife (or significant other) with the means to ward off the would-be husband (or boyfriend) snatcher.

BookEnds: How have people responded to your book?
Marlene: The flight attendants that my husband works with (he’s a CAL pilot) think this book is amazing. (Since February, many have read with GREAT interest the bound galleys.)

BookEnds: What else are you working on?
Marie: A book about how to protect your Tween girls from the noxious culture of sex and female self-abasement.

BookEnds: Is there anything we missed or anything you would like to add?
Marlene: Yes, what is your FEAR after this book is published? My fear is, after writing this book with my mom, that my husband will, ironically, have a target on his back, i.e., that he’ll become a special kind of man-challenge to a would-be poacher because I, his wife, have cowritten a book about keeping a man safe from predators! Thank goodness I’ve got the tools to guard my mate—found, of course, in our book!

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Kate Douglas said...

Hmmm...I've always told my spouse if he wants to have an affair, go ahead. Just be sure to take a clean pair of undies and his toothbrush because he's not coming home--ever. At least that's what I told him 35 years ago. It appears to have worked! Your book does sound fascinating, though.

Kimber Li said...

This book and the one you mentioned on Tween girls sound amazing and are badly needed in today's culture. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the comments. The first (warning what would happen if her hubby cheated) is a great example of one of the time-tested (and scientifically vetted) "mate-guarding" strategies that can be used to great effect, as the poster attests.

As for the next book, protecting Tweens from female self-abasement, so prevalent in the culture...we hope to add something positive to the discourse on what's appropriate--and what's not--for our youngsters, so they grow up to be healthy of mind, body, and spirit.