Monday, May 07, 2007


Back from Malice and slowly recovering from the late night and early mornings. A big congratulations to Sandra Parshall for her Agatha win for Best First Novel. It was really fun to have two nominees--Sandra and Karen MacInerney were nominated in the same category--but extra fun to have a winner.

I love attending a conference like Malice. It's a time for me to connect one-on-one with my clients and really sit down and discuss what their goals are and share my thoughts. We talked about new series ideas, the books they are currently working on, contracts, career concerns and overall plans for the future. I know that a conference like this renews my excitement about books we sold and are selling and I hope authors feel the same way.

So congratulations again!



Babe King said...

Congratulations! Winning is such a boost.

Cherry Popcorn said...

Oooh.. How exciting! =) Muz be totally overwhelming winning something for what you write!