Tuesday, March 31, 2015

An Interview with Jessica Faust

I do a lot of interviews, many with a lot of the same questions. Every once in a while one stands out as just a little different with questions that will give the reader, hopefully, something she hasn't heard a million times before.

Anna Katmore held just that kind of interview with me and for a long time I was saving the interview on my desktop to parse bits and pieces out for you or use it as inspiration for blog posts. After almost a year (how the heck did that happen!) I decided that the best course of action would just be to share the interview and let you read it all for yourself. 




Carolynnwith2Ns said...

Steaming stamps, that's one I never heard of. Made me laugh though. That had to be back when stamps were lick and stick. Ewww.
Great interview BTW.

AJ Blythe said...

Insightful interview. Thanks for sharing :)

There is nothing I could watch after the Walking Dead that would stave off the nightmares. I leave the room when The Hub watches!

Colin Smith said...

"Although technically the agent is working for the author."

I don't think I've ever read an agent state this so boldly, and in a sense it's true. But it's not exactly the same as hiring a contractor to fix your roof because the agent has a say in the matter too. I think this is why you went on to explain how the agent-author relationship is more of a partnership than a who-works-for-whom kind of thing.

Can you imagine if contractors worked like agents. "Thank you for your request to fix your roof, but I'm afraid we have to pass. I'm sure you understand that there are many roofs, and we can only take on those that we love and find compelling. Please continue to query other roofers; your shingles have a lot of potential, and I'm sure there's a roofer out there who would love to take them on."

Great interview, Jessica! :)

Karen McCoy said...

Wonderful interview, and a great insight into how things work--and I totally get the "last 25 pages" thing!