Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Kris Fletcher's Cozy Reading Corner

April Fools!!!!

--Kris Fletcher

Dating a Single Dad - available now
Call of the Wilder - available now
A Family Come True - coming in June


Kaye George said...

This looks very much like one of mine, except I have a rack of magazines and books to the right of the...seating.

Elissa M said...

My parents always referred to the bathroom as the "library".

"Where's Dad?"
"In the library."

AJ Blythe said...

I was watching a home renovation show the other day and they made space for a bookshelf next to their toilet!

Sally MacKenzie said...

Why am I not surprised this was Kris's entry into the reading nook series?

kris said...

It's so good to know that other people immediately recognized this as normal. And that Sally probably would have known it was me, even without the labels :-)

Unknown said...

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