Friday, April 10, 2015

Lorrie Thomson's Cozy Reading Corner (or her husband's)

During the summer, my husband, Bill, loves to read while floating in our pool, but I’ve always been too worried. What if a precious page gets wet? Worse, what if the entire book slips from my hands? I think I’ve found a solution!

Nearing the end of What’s Left Behind, Abby Stone journeys through swamplands and darkness to Seawall Beach, a pristine stretch of Maine coast with glowing white sands and raging surf, and a virtual hill she’s yet to summit. There, she dares to finally let loose and face her greatest fear.

Nothing’s cozier than reading that scene while relaxing on Maine’s Seawall Beach in July. (Pictured: author’s husband, Bill.)

--Lorrie Thomson
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ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) said...

I hear you so well for worrying about getting pages wet or dropping the book... but ohhhh, there is so much pleasure in reading while floating

(Hey, btw, one of your [Lorrie's] books is featured this week on the Friday Fiction Friends blog I follow - nice timing: )

Unknown said...

If you're lucky, you can get "stuck" floating and reading. Thank you, Jessica, for sharing all my favorite spots. Thanks to Janet for pointing out the other place I'm hanging out today.