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BookEnds Talks to Sue Owens Wright

Sue Owens Wright
Book: What's Your Dog's IQ?
Publisher: Adams Media
Pub date: May 2006

Sue Owens Wright is the author of the mystery novel series The Beanie and Cruiser Dog Lover's Mystery Series, the first book of which, Howling Bloody Murder, was nominated in 2002 for a Maxwell Award by the Dog Writer's Association of America. She and her husband happily reside in Sacramento, California, with their two basset hounds.

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BookEnds: Describe your book in 50 words or less.
Sue: Deep down, you probably think your dog is smarter than most other dogs. Not to mention most other people. But how do you know? With What's Your Dog's IQ?, you can prove it (or not) with tests! Find out if Fido is bow-lingual. If Toto has total recall. If Prince is ready for Princeton. The perfect gift for the dog lover in your life!

BookEnds: What is your favorite thing about this book?
Sue: What I like most about the book and what I think readers will enjoy is the humor. It makes the book a fun, fast read. If a nonfiction book can be called a page-turner, then I think that What's Your Dog's IQ? definitely qualifies.

BookEnds: What was your road to published author like?
Sue: I've been writing professionally for twenty years, gradually building up my writer's resume. It has been a long, arduous process, and I finally understand what it means when people say they were an "overnight success." Things didn't really start to happen for me until after the publication of my first novel in 2001. Since then, many wonderful opportunities and blessings have come my way.

Like the basset hounds that I write so much about in my books and stories, any success I've attained has been through dogged determination and persistence. My bassets have taught me the most important lessons about attaining your goals: Keep your nose to the ground, stay on track, and follow the path where it leads you. Enjoy the journey, and leave your mark along the way.

BookEnds: What else are you working on?
Sue: I've just completed my second nonfiction book about dogs, titled Bow Wow! 150 Ways to Keep Your Bored Dog Active. It is scheduled for release in spring 2007 from Adams Media. It will be available online, in bookstores, and in pet stores.

I'm currently editing the third book in the Beanie and Cruiser Mystery Series for dog lovers, entitled Embarking on Murder. I'm also writing the fourth book in the series, Waddling to Murder.

BookEnds: What was your most successful marketing campaign?
Sue: My most successful marketing has been through donations of my books to basset hound rescue groups and other nationwide animal rescue organizations. I've received many requests for autographed books, which I'm always happy to provide. Since my novels feature a basset hound, it seems fitting that I would spend a lot of time selling my books at basset hound rescue fund-raisers like basset waddles, slobberfests, and droolapaloozas. In 2001, I was invited to appear at the Illinois Basset Waddle, one of the largest such events in the country. I had a great time, and I sold a lot of books!

BookEnds: What are your hobbies or outside interests?
Sue: I often say that my life has gone to the dogs, and I wouldn't have it any other way. When I'm not writing about dogs, I'm painting them. I enjoy painting pastels of my own dogs and other dogs, which I donate to rescue organizations and sell through my Web site. They can be seen at

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