Friday, June 23, 2006

Query Letters, Part 5—The Ugly

And yes, all of these letters really did come into this office. . . .

Author Author

July 13, 2001


I am seeking an open-minded literary agent that is looking for fresh, new material.

I am an unpublished author that has written numerous books - all that are different from anything that you have read or that is on the market. My genres include humor, a romance, short-stories, & science fiction; and a children's book.

I am currently working on a mystery novel that is completely different from any mystery on the market.

Writing is my passion and I have been doing it for four years.

Should you require additional information, please call me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Author Author


Anonymous said...

Humor, a romance, short stories, science fiction, a children's book and now a mystery? How versatile!!

Jodie said...

Ahh, but it's different from any other mystery in the market. Uh how?

4 years and don't know how to write a basic query - even a crappy query at that that at least contained the appropriate information. *g* there is hope for us yet!

Brenda said...


I have no words.

Lexi said...

Gee, I've been worried about writing my own queries. With this as my competition, I really have NOTHING to worry about!