Thursday, February 08, 2007

Reader Question: Thoughts on e-Books

What does the publishing industry and agents think of e-books? If you're published by an e-book publisher, do the paper publishers look down on you? Do agents work with e-book published writers that want to break into the world of paper publishing? Is it easier or harder to get into paper publishing after being an e-book writer, or a first-time writer?

Well, since I have at least six clients who started their careers in e-books, I can certainly say I don’t look down on them. However, that being said, every single one of them writes erotica or erotic romance. So while the publishing industry, and BookEnds, doesn’t look down on e-books, e-book publishing doesn’t work for every genre. I think it’s become acceptable in the erotic writing world for e-book authors to move to mainstream publishers simply because there was nowhere else for these authors to go. It’s only been very recent that mainstream publishers have started publishing erotic writing. I’m not so sure the same holds true for other genres.

So, unless you are writing erotica or erotic romance, I wouldn’t consider e-book publishing as a step toward furthering your career into mainstream publishing. However, if you simply want to get that book published, then go for it. E-book publishing can’t hurt, but it won’t necessarily help.