Monday, July 16, 2007

What I Learned at RWA--UnSappy Version

Okay, enough sap. See. I need sleep.

I always say, and have always said, that you can hear something and be told something millions of times, but it isn't until it clicks that it's all going to come together. I've heard authors say this and I've seen it in action. Just because someone tells you what's wrong with your work or writing doesn't mean you're going to get it the first time. Often we need to be in just the right place for that to happen. Well this weekend that happened for me.

I have been talking for years about how important the hook is and how it has to be a one or two sentence pitch. Well you know what? It really clicked this weekend how important that is. For every book you write you need to pitch agents and I need to pitch editors. More importantly, all of us need to pitch readers and if we can't do that in a short sentence or two we will lose their attention.

So I want to know from you in five words if possible, or one sentence at the most. What is your book?