Friday, March 18, 2011

Author Speed Date

The idea of speed dating is that you get 10 minutes to sit down with a prospective date and get to know them. In that spirit, we present Author Speed Date. A quick 10 minutes for you to get to know some of our clients. Today we'd like you to meet Lynn LaFleur.

BookEnds Author Speed Date
Name (the one you’re published under): Lynn LaFleur

Speed date Bio (one or two lines): Author of over 30 erotic romance books.

Web Link:

Next Book, pub date: The Birthday Gift, from Ellora’s Cave February 2011

Agent: Jessica Faust

About Me

Real Name or Pseudonym: Lynn LaFleur

Currently Reading: RWA RITA contest entries

Next on Your Reading List: Call Me Irresistible by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Facebook or Twitter (include account name):


Three authors living or dead you would want to have dinner with: Sandra Brown, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jill Shalvis

Jet-setter or armchair traveler: Armchair traveler

Glass ½ full or ½ empty: Always ½ full

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Live to write or Write to live: Live to write

About My Writing

When (time of day) I write: Morning to late afternoon.

Writing soundtrack: New Age instrumentals.

Character Inspirations: They all come out of my head.

Plot Inspirations: Most of those come out of my head too, but sometimes a simple phrase I hear someone say will spark an idea.

Setting Inspirations: I usually set my books in either Texas or Washington, as I’ve lived in both states.

Plotter (carefully plot books) or Pantser (write from the seat of my pants): Big-time pantser!


Kate Douglas said...

Hey Lynn! Now we all know what goes on in that innocent looking head of yours. Looking forward to sharing the Nightshift anthology with you in a few months!

Stephanie said...

It was nice getting to know you!!! I always travel with a notepad for those times when something will spark an idea...happens to me all the time!!

Sheila Cull said...

Erotic romance books? That must be enjoyable to write/edit.

And, a big congratulations on making it.