Friday, January 16, 2015

Your Favorite Cozy Reading Corner

Thanks to Twitter I just came across this great article on Mashable about cozy reading spots. I loved it! So immediately I went to my own Instagram account to check on the one or two photos I've taken that might fit. Well, imagine my surprise when I discovered a whole slew of cozy reading spot photos. I guess it might be an obsession of mine.

This was not the photo I initially thought I'd share when I read the article, but when I saw the photo I knew it was perfect. I actually love to fly primarily because it allows me hours of peace and quiet, time when I can lose myself in a book with few interruptions. Just me, a bag of peanuts (aka lunch), a glass of water and a great book.

Throughout the year I'm going to share some more of these photos with you and ask other members of the BookEnds family to do the same. But we'd love to hear from you too. Whether it's on our Facebook page, tagging #BookEnds on Twitter or Instagram we'd love to see your cozy reading corners.



S.D.King said...

Thanks for the post about favorite reading spots. I spent years as a school librarian, and I had a "method" for helping kids become readers. It became famous at school.

A big part of the method was finding the right place to read. I always recommend that kids get a mug of hot chocolate and find a quiet, secluded spot. I even insist that they go to the bathroom first - the plan is to keep reading!

I guest blogged about this recently

Unknown said...

Reading on planes is blissfully guilt-free. It's not as though you can attend to anything else on your to-do list, right? And reading is good for you.

ProfeJMarie (Janet Rundquist) said...

I love this because not only do I love to fly (I don't do it very often), but I agree it's a great place to read. Space is too small to get much work done (also, too close to people looking over your shoulder), a free snack (on most flights, still)... and just enough room for a book or a kindle.

I think I need to plan a trip sometime soon...

DLM said...

Being a sufferer of every possible type of motion sickness, flying is mostly a matter of getting it over with in the hopes of not actually erupting breakfast. However, I've developed the most fantabulous writing spot over the past several months; my office has become a bit of a dream, and it's helped my productivity as an author, this wonderful unpaid second job of mine. :)

As for reading, I seem to be doing most of my leisure reading at my desk at the paid job lately. Home reading has to be research for the WIP these days!