Friday, February 06, 2015

Sheila Connolly's Reading Corner(s)

I had to wade through a lot of pictures and eliminate the ones of cats and food, but I found four from Italy where I would love to settle with a good book for, oh, a couple of years. (Actually my first choice was the Trinity College Library in Dublin, but I don't have any personal pictures of that.)

The weight of history in Italy makes you slow down and enjoy the moment--and smell the roses. The food and wine may also have something to do with that.

Capitignano in Tuscany

Grape arbor at one of the many Medici villas in Tuscany

View from my patio at the Buranco vineyard, looking down at Monterosso, 
one of the Cinque Terre on the Gold Coast

Another view, with roses

--Sheila Connolly
An Early Wake (most recent book as of 2/3/15); but as you know, these pictures (or this trip to Italy) are linked to Reunion with Death

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AJ Blythe said...

What gorgeous spots to write!

An aside... The Hub is currently reading 'American Sniper' and there is a reference to the Gold Coast. We thought, wow, imagine Australia's Gold Coast being used as a comparison in that book. Now I realise they must have been talking about Italy, lol.