Thursday, July 20, 2006

I'm in the Mood

Right now, while I'm sitting here looking at my huge pile of submissions, I'm thinking about what I would love to find in that stack. Of course I'm still looking for fantastic romance, mystery, business books, and all those other books listed under my profile, but today, what am I in the mood to find?

I hope I pull out a dark forensic mystery/thriller series—something like the old Patricia Cornwell or Karen Slaughter. Something that hasn't been done. If you can find an area of forensics that hasn't been done, create a very complex, fantastically written story with compelling series characters and terrific villains, then I hope you're already in my pile, because that's great summer reading. Oh, if you throw a paranormal twist in there, my heart skips a beat.

I've been blogging a lot about marketing and would love to add some fantastic marketing books to my list—books that have a unique view, are fun to read, and written by a high-profile marketing expert.



Anonymous said...

Oo! I'm glad Jessica brought this up, because I've totally been in the mood to find a certain kind of book lately and have so far come up unsatisfied. I'm itching to read some great women's fiction; something with depth that really moves me. I don't care if it makes me laugh or makes me cry (even better, if it does both), as long as it speaks to me. Historical or doesn't matter. If you think you have something that fits the bill, please send it my way!

Bernita said...

How about a forensic occultologist who time travels?