Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Multiple Queries to BookEnds Agents

I've frequently heard the following advice: It's totally okay to query multiple agents at the same agency–just be sure to query only one at a time. If Jacky rejects you, feel free to submit to Kim. If Kim rejects you, feel free to submit to Jessica.

No! No! No! If you submitted to Jacky and she thought your project had merit, but didn't think it was for her, she would pass it on to either Kim or me. Do not continue to submit the same project to all three of us. Do your research, know as best you can what each of us represents individually, and make sure you send to the right person the first time.



kris said...

Here's a thought, to help make it easier to know which agent represents which works: in the client listings, on the Highlights page, and/or on the Our Books page - what if there was some way to designate the agent? It could be something as simple as a little (JF) (JS) (KL) at the end of the listing. That MIGHT make it easier to get the queries to the right agent.

BookEnds, A Literary Agency said...

We do have specifics listed on the About Us page. If you want to target the agent of a specific author you can usually email a quick question or do a google search. Ultimately though, if the work is good and strong and marketable, but not for one of us that agent will bring it up to the group and ask if anyone is interested.

Anonymous said...

Not all agencies work like this though, Donald Maass doesn't. They invite you to query multiple agents.

I'm also guilty. I didn't know about this blog and I sent an e query to the editor address. When asked for a partial I didn't know who to send it to as I didn't see "horror" in anyone's "Looking for" pile, just on the main submissions page. But I'm hoping since it's been a month that it got passed around at least.