Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Morning After . . .

I'm not quite sure how I'm finding the energy to lift my fingers and type this quick note after a long and exhausting weekend at RWA. Jessica and I had a blast (maybe a little bit too much fun, which added up to only four hours of sleep Saturday night). We had the opportunity to meet clients we'd only spoken to via phone, see old friends, schmooze with editors, and hopefully discover some great new talent. Time will tell, as we eagerly await the material we requested.

First let me say I thought this year's conference was exceptional. The hotel was awesome, with the most helpful, friendly staff I've ever encountered (maybe there's something to that whole Southern hospitality thing). The appointments were run smoothly and efficiently, and as Jessica mentioned earlier, in a terrific location. And the awards banquet was entertaining and didn't run any later than it should have. The awards were particularly fabulous for BookEnds this year, but I'll let Jessica tell you all about that.

There's definitely an air of excitement and energy that comes along with the RWA organization. Now, unlike Jessica, that excitement doesn't have me up at 5:00 a.m. in the hotel gym (I mean, is she for real?), but nevertheless, I do come back to work feeling invigorated about my job and about publishing in general. Unfortunately, that does nothing for the bags under my eyes, the sore, bandaged feet that fell victim to those shoes I just HAD to have, or the few extra pounds picked up from eating too much of that yummy comfort food and drinking too many Coronas. On that note, I'm off to nap. . . .


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Unknown said...

As one of your team of time commandos, thank you. :-)
I thought the appointments ran peachy fabulous!! I got to meet Jessica Faust (didn't pitch, just wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed the blog) And she was just as great in person as she sounds. Between the two of you and Anna Genoese's blog, I put together a great pitch and didn't make any major goofs, and got lots of requests. Thanks!!