Thursday, October 23, 2014

Creating a Vision Board

I just learned about vision boards. I'm assuming I'm far behind on this trend, but I'm excited about it nonetheless

A vision board is just that, a board with pictures, phrases and bits of inspiration. Your vision for what you want to achieve in life, in your career or just personally. I have my vision board on the wall behind my desk. It's really just a giant cork board that I've hung some things that inspire me. Of course it also includes other things like pub dates and book lists, but ultimately when I find a bit of inspiration, a picture or something that shows what I'm seeking I clip it out or print it out and hang it on my board.

My vision board is pretty rough. I've seen people create some wonderful collages and artwork for their vision. I'd love to do that, but that seems like it would take a lot of time. However you want to create your board (on your wall, in a notebook, post-its around your computer, on Pinterest....) I think it's a great way to remind you of what your striving for or inspiration when you're feeling down.

A peek of some of what's on my vision board. Thanks Dr. Seuss!



Christa Avampato said...

I'm a huge fan of vision boards and inspirational quotes. I love the one your board that says "I'm going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think I can." Reminds me of that wonderful 1 minutes Apple commercial "Here's the the Crazy Ones; Think Different":

BookEnds, A Literary Agency said...

I love that ad. Thank you! I wish I could hang that on my Vision Board

The Writers Canvas, Author Elaine Calloway said...

Interesting! I typically create vision boards for each of my books, with photos of characters, settings, themes, etc. But I hadn't thought about doing it for goals in life :)

Good to see you back and blogging, Jessica!