Friday, October 24, 2014


It's Friday and it's been another great week at BookEnds. To celebrate I'm going to share the recipe for one of my favorite drinks . The Moscow Mule. I discovered this quite a number of years ago and it's my go-to. I've also managed to make it a favorite for a number of friends.

The Moscow Mule

1 oz vodka--whatever your favorite brand works
1/2 oz lime juice--I always recommend fresh squeezed
Ginger Beer--for those who don't know this amazing drink, ginger beer is not in fact a beer but a soda. More along the lines of root beer. Depending on what brand you buy it can be very tangy and spicy. You might want to try a few different brands to find your favorite. We prefer Fever Tree.

Traditionally the Moscow Mule is served in a copper mug. We use rocks glasses. Add all the ingredients over ice, stir, finish off with a lime wedge and enjoy. I think you'll like this one.




Artemis Grey said...

I LOVE a Moscow Mule! It's just *different* because of the ginger beer. I've never heard of Fever Tree, I'll have to see if I can find it in my area and try it.

BookEnds, LLC said...

What we've come to love about Fever Tree ginger beer and tonic is that it's not artificially and sickly sweet. Just yummy.

Jenny said...

I highly recommend the Kentucky Mule. Same thing except use bourbon instead of vodka. A perfect fall-time drink!

The Writers Canvas, Author Elaine Calloway said...

I've had Ginger Beer and dark rum before (The Dark and Stormy) - Yummy! This one looks good too! Thanks for sharing -

Author Julia Ash said...

My family is always looking for new "Happy Drinks!" My husband drinks Dark and Stormy cocktails (Meyers rum and ginger beer), but since I'm a Ketel One girl, I'm going to try the Moscow Mule! Thanks for sharing and happy sipping!